What is a Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX shifts your phone and communications infrastructure from

an expensive on-site PBX over to secure cloud based infrastructure where

you only pay for what you use. Instead of old style analogue phone

extensions, each user has the option of a IP Desk phone, a Mobile App or

an app on your laptop

cloud pbx

Unified communications as a service

With no expensive upfront capital costs or

restrictive long-term leases for the PBX, your

business communications becomes entirely an

operational expense with no capital expenditure



With the Unifydcloud PBX there is no need to open

any ports on your company firewall thus making

your network more secure by reducing possible

attack vectors.

Connect all your sites

With the Unifydcloud PBX you are able to connect

all your sites in one unified system thus

simplifying inter-site communication and making

all calls between sites free.

Rich PBX Features

While most hosted solutions give you only basic

features, not so with Unifydcloud PBX. Delivering a

comprehensive set of business communications

features, including unified messaging, call queues,

conferencing, and call recording.


Unparalleled Ease of Use

With an intuitive browser-based interface and a

robust set of management tools, productivity

soars as you focus on your business, not your

phone system.

Telephone Management System

With a built-in Telephone Management System

you have the ability track your team’s

performance with real-time and historical reports.

It also enables you to keep control of call costs.

All office extension features

Click/touch to make, receive, transfer or record a

call and check voicemails from anywhere.Instant messaging & file sharing

Text anyone on your company directory and share

files in real-time with ease. Powered by Linkus

Cloud Service.

One number on all devices

Maintain a single number across devices with

Linkus installed on your computer, iPhone or

Android phone.


See who is available, busy or offline immediately

and intuitively with a coloured status indicator.

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